Neuroscience research shows that consumer product selections are influenced by many visual factors along the shopper journey and especially at the fixture. AcuityVR allows you to directly analyse the key influencers of behaviour and decision-making at every stage of the path-to-purchase offering real-world insight with strong methodologies and without constraining behaviour.

It's easy to make bad decisions

AcuityVR helps you
make great decisions


AcuityVR combines expert eye-tracking with the latest virtual reality technologies, to monitor how consumers react to packaging, brands and the retail environment. AcuityVR provides instant access to powerful analytics enabling brands and retailers to make better decisions about the factors influencing shopper journeys and decision making at the point of sale.

At least 2x faster
At least 30% cheaper

Compared with current methodologies

It’s easy for brands, researchers and retailers to make bad decisions.
AcuityVR helps you make great decisions.

It’s easy for brands, researchers and retailers to make bad decisions.
AcuityVR helps you make great decisions.

Testing in the real world can be a slow, difficult and costly process.

Current screen based methods lack validity and limit the available insights.

Data paralysis, time and budgets can hold back research making it impossible to reach informed and timely decisions.

AcuityVR provides a solution to these challenges.

How AcuityVR works


Integrates with new or existing VR assets



AcuityVR integrates with Tobii Pro HTC Vive



Analyses eye-tracking, navigation and interaction data automatically with immediate visualization

= Informed decisions

Whether you’re interested in navigation, product standout, point-of-sale messaging or decision making at the fixture, AcuityVR allows you to understand where a shopper’s attention is, and allows you to directly test the key influencers of behaviour and decision making at every stage in the shopper’s journey. AcuityVR leverages the strength of insights that come from testing in immersive environments, and provides the depth of insight of real-world research in an environment you can control and without constraining behaviour.

AcuityVR works with market leading Tobii Eye Tracking integrated into the HTC Vive, ensuring the highest quality of gaze data for your research.

With AcuityVR there is no more waiting for results. Analytics are available immediately for all assets, at every level from store and aisle, to fixture and product. Visualisations include heat-maps, opacity maps, journey mapping and gaze-vector; all of which can be viewed for groups or individuals, on-screen or directly in the VR headset, fully immersing you in the data and generating insights from every point of view.

Our automated analytics provide eye-tracking expertise at the touch of button, that is at least 50% faster and 30% cheaper than using existing methods.

Make great decisions

  • AcuityVR integrates with Tobii Pro HTC Vive
  • Integrates with new & existing VR assets
  • Supports interaction with environments
  • Works with multiple VR providers
  • Binocular eye-tracking in immersive VR
  • AcuityVR integrates with Tobii Pro HTC Vive
  • Free-movement supported
  • Future-proof in rapidly developing field
  • Automated analytics
  • Immediately available data
  • Compelling individual and group visualisations
  • 2D screen-based playback
  • Navigation throughout store
  • Planogram optimisation
  • Contextual package testing
  • Findability in store and at fixture

AcuityVR part of Tobii Pro

Available now, AcuityVR integrates with Tobii Pro HTC Vive and does not require you to develop new VR assets or change provider. Maximum flexibility for minimum outlay.

AcuityVR enables the collection and playback of eye tracking data using new or existing Unity3D assets. It provides analysis on a range of human behaviors, including automated visualizations and analytics for interaction, locomotion and gaze data. Playback and analytics are available for both individual and combined, multi-participant sessions.

Most Unity3D environments are supported, meaning that a broad range of use cases are supported including market research, wayfinding, training and performance optimization, education, medical, automotive, design and architecture, as well as UX and interface design. The creation of automated statistics ensures rapid availability of results without the need for extensive training in eye-tracking research.

AcuityVR part of Tobii Pro

AcuityVR part of Tobii Pro, the world’s leader in eyetracking, was developed by a team with extensive experience in cognitive and behavioural research methods, including eye-tracking and biometrics.

We have worked with companies as diverse as P&G, Coca-Cola, Unilever, GSK, IPSOS, Coley Porter Bell, Ralph Lauren, BskyB, The Guardian and Walt Disney Company to evaluate and optimise packaging and messaging at the point of sale, digital media, mobile apps and marketing strategies.

We maintain close relationships with academic institutions and provide world renowned education.

Myth busting using eye-tracking research and why contextual shopper research really matters. Dr Tim Holmes, Director of Research, Tobii Pro Insight UK
Insight Show - Olympia, London, 8th March 2018 3:05pm Headline Stage

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Acuity has been acquired by Tobii

Today, we are excited to announce that both Acuity businesses, ETS and Intelligence, have been acquired by the Tobii Group and will become integrated with the business unit Tobii Pro, the global leader in eye tracking.

An eye for an eye-track!

Head-movement simply gives you a “potential to be seen” rather than actual “looked at” measure, in rather the same way that a website visit gives an ad a potential to be seen, but in no way guarantees that the ad will actually be looked at or clicked on by the user.